Rubber Belting - Rubber Conveyor Belting Supplier

RW BELTING stock a full range of rubber conveyor belting which can be supplied in many different strengths, thicknesses and covers including oil, heat and high abrasion resistant.

All rubber conveyor belting can be supplied hot or cold, vulcanised, endless or with a choice of steel fasteners. These rubber belts can be fitted on site and supplied at the customer's desired length and up to a width of 2 metres. Various flights and chevrons can be fitted to suit our customer's needs.

Rubber conveyor belts are generally used for heavy or sharp goods or bulk such as gravel, stone, glass or metal products. These belts also offer low stretch capabilities, high abrasive quality and are resistant to humidity and wetness. They are also very tear resistant.


We offer a range of rubber conveyor belting that goes from 5.5mm up to 17mm thick with a maximum working tension from 20 kn/m/width up to 180 kn/m/width, these belts have a temperature resistant range from -30 oC up to + 80 oC All these belts can be fitted with flights, chevrons or sidewalls


We offer a range of conveyor belts, which are more heat resistant, oil resistant and also elevator, steel cord, solid woven, cleated, flame resistant and many more options, details and prices are available on application.

If you contact us, we are pretty sure we can source the specific belt type for your application, including the type of joint/fastener and any other additions including a vast array of chevrons and flights

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