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We do a wide and varied range of other conveyor belts that are important to the industry, these include modular belts, transmission belts, timing belts, woven PTFE/fabric belts etc.



We can supply a wide and varied range of plastic modular belts, in various plastics and composites to suit all kinds of usage in the handling industry. We have different forms, pitches, drives and colours to suit a vast amount of industrial solutions such as, farming, poultry, food, cardboard and packaging, pallet movement and other light or medium to heavy materials, belts that can be heat or cold resistant, oil or chemical resistant, low friction, hard wearing and easy wash down. Modular belts are low maintenance, easy strip down, easy application and generally lightweight and adaptable, all can have sideplates and cross flights fitted, all these can have chain or sprocket drive to suit various applications, please get in touch for any modular belting  types you may need and we will source the correct application for you.



We have a range of ptfe/fabric conveyor belts to suit all the industry applications, these are in different weaves and various materials, used commonly in the aerospace, chemical, food, packaging and plastics industry these belts prove very versatile and low friction hard wearing with a capability to form tightly and give good strength.


  • Temperature Range – Our fabrics have the capabilities of withstanding -100℉ – +500℉ constant operating temperatures.
  • Pliability – If the material is to track around pulleys that drive the belt, the diameter of the pulley is critical. The smaller the roller the more flexible the belt must be, our thinner materials (0.010″ and under) are more flexible and cause less friction
  • Friction release – The surface finishes off our materials range from a rough, semi-porous finish to a super smooth surface. The release or fabric impression results desired will be a determining factor.
  • Strength – Options to be considered are breaking, tensile and tear strength. How much of a load the belt carries, how fast it moves and how tightly it will be tensioned all must be considered. Designed for a wide range of applications, our  Fabric is available in several grades to match specific performance requirements:
  • Non-stick surface
  • Excellent temperature resistance: from -100℉ – +500℉ (-73℃ – +260℃)
  • Chemically inert
  • High tensile strength.


Please enquire about our vast range of ptfe and fabric belting



A wide range of transmission, timing, and vee belts are available, we supply different sections and  fabrics.


VEE BELTS: Belt characteristics ensure high performance in heavy duty, continuous run applications.
Polycholorprene wrapped for fire resistance in the event of slippage. Available from 250mm to 160m in circumference.

COGGED BELTS: Top fabric layer included for lateral stiffness with stringent dimensional and lateral stiffness.
Highly resistant to oil, heat, dust and cracking. High flexibility for applications involving smaller pulley diameters.
Also available in variable speed belt construction

TIMING AND HTB BELTS: Oil, heat and abrasion resistant. Standard timing belts must be specified by length, pitch and width (all in inches). Urethane timing belts are specified in metric, they have steel tension members bonded to a urethane body.
High Torque (HTB) timing belts are available, designed with an alternative tooth profile for high torque and high power/low speed applications. High power transmission is effective over a wide speed range.


Please contact us about our transmission and timing belt range, various pulleys to suit are also available

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