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Steel Belts – Steel Conveyor Belt Supplier

R W Belting Services Lts are a conveyor belt supplier stocking a wide and varied selection of steel conveyor belts to suit numerous applications, we offer honeycomb, plate link and woven wire belts in all the variations, pitches, forms and materials.

Our experience allows us to source any steel conveyor belts in either imperial or metric size, all can be fitted with flights or other specifications and can be chain driven or sprocket driven. We also offer all the sprocket, shaft and drum combinations for your conveyor.



We offer a range of honeycomb conveyor belts from .560″(14.22mm) up to 3.0″(76.20mm) longitudinal pitch, with a working tension from 800lb/ft up to 1250lb/ft width. Other specifications such as lateral pitch, strip width, strip thickness, rod diameter etc. can be made to your belt specification. Materials include mild steel, galvanised steel and a range of stainless steels.



We do a wide range of platelink belting from 1.5″(38.10mm) up to 4″(152.40mm) pitch, these go from 3000lb up to 4500lb sidechain for light duty ( 16swg-1.63mm thick slat ) or 3000lb up to 6000lb sidechain for medium duty ( 11swg-3.0mm thick slat ). All can be supplied with sideplates and cross flights in various combinations of height and design. Materials include mild steel, plated steel and a range of stainless steels. Any other pitches are available on request.



We supply a wide range of woven wire belting to suit all types of applications, these are CORDWEAVE, ideal for small items. FLAT SPIRAL, ideal for bakeries and washing plants. CHAIN DRIVEN, ideal for positive drive and inclines. BALANCED SPIRAL, ideal for friction drives. CHAIN LINK, ideal where tracking is not critical. ROD REINFORCED, DOUBLE BALANCED, DUPLEX all these are ideal for heavier work and heat treatment up to 1150 oC. All can be fitted with flights or sideplates as required. Materials available carbon steel, galvanised steel, chrome molybdenum, nickel chrome, inconel, and a range of stainless steels.


All conveyor belts can be supplied or fitted on site and sprockets drums etc. can be supplied or we offer a fully skilled fitting service which also offers a fabrication service for any adaptations or modifications to your conveyor system To discuss your requirements and for additional information on the conveyor belts that we supply, please contact us.

Why Choose RW Belting Services Ltd?

  • Competitive Rates
  • 24 hour belt fitting service
  • Links to the major manufacturers in the UK and abroad
  • Offering a wide range of belts for the food, agricultural, recycling, and manufacturing industry
  • Specialist knowledge of conveyor belting and accessories covering all industries from recycling to food production

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