Rubber Cnveyor Belt

Our PU Range:

Our PVC Range:

Roller Tracks

A popular choice due to their flexibility, efficiency and low maintenance needs, roller tracks are suitable for a variety of working environments. At RW Belting Services Ltd, we supply roller tracks in a range of options, including plastic, mild steel, zinc-plated steel and stainless steel.

Our roller tracks are available in the following sizes:

The available track widths range from 100mm to 1500mm.

Rubber Belting

Rubber belting offers several benefits, including having low-stretch capabilities and resilience against tears, humidity and dampness. As specialists, we provide rubber conveyor belts in thicknesses ranging from 5.5mm to 17mm, with maximum working tensions from 20kN/m/width to 180kN/m/width. Designed to withstand temperatures from -30°C to +80°C, our belts can be customised with flights, chevrons and sidewalls.

Bespoke Conveyors

Searching for a conveyor solution you can tailor to your requirements? Here at RW Belting Services Ltd, we specialise in bespoke conveyors for businesses in Walsall and beyond. Our conveyors can be created with various shapes, pitches, drives and colours, while they can also be fitted with belts including modular, PVC/PU and roller tracks.

Steel Belts

Available in several options, including honeycomb, plate link, and woven wire, our steel belts are suitable for a full range of requirements. We supply our steel belts in multiple pitches, forms and materials, allowing for complete customisation.

Conveyor Belt Repairs & Replacements

Whether as the result of an unforeseen incident or simply general wear and tear, conveyor belts are often susceptible to damage. Here at RW Belting Services Ltd, we specialise in conveyor belt repairs, including for rubber and roller tracks. While for any damage too severe to fix, we can provide quality conveyor belt replacements professionally fitted by our team.


Vulcanising is an exceptionally reliable repair method that can often restore a conveyor belt close to its original strength. As specialists, we are fully qualified in several vulcanising techniques, including both hot and cold, to allow us to provide a service tailored to your requirements.